Please send in ideas for Mary Ward prayer meetings, meditations or services. Do not forget to add relevant photos. We are looking forward to hearing from you and promise to share your prayers.



(as it is prayed in Nepal, also at the schools - thank you to Jyotsna for sending this in.)

Venerable Mary Ward, Servant of God,
You sought the honour and glory of God
And strove to do His will in your life.
In your days you lived among the needy
Sharing their joys and sorrows.
You consoled the sick and cared for the poor
Giving them God's love and life.
You upheld the dignity of children and women
enlightening their lives with knowledge and truth.
Withstanding severe opposition and suffering
You pursued your desires with trust in God.
O, Mother Mary Ward, so gentle and kind
Pray to God in my hour of need:
[Mention here the favour you wish to pray for.]
That I may experience your help and find a hearing
If what I ask is for God's honour and for my wellness.

Blessing prayer for each one of us, as we go our seperate ways tomorrow. 

(at the end of a meeting, or at the end of the school year) 
Praised are you, Lord our God, 
for you have created a wide and wonderful world in which we can travel. 
We ask your blessing on each one of us as we leave on our journey (home) tomorrow. 
May you, Holy One, guide us travellers, 
be our ever-near companion, spreading the road before us with beauty and excitement. 
Free that road from harm and evil and send as our escort your Holy Spirit, 
and a mystic map to help us read the invisible meanings of the events of our journey, 
of possible disappointments and delays, 
of possible breakdowns and rainy day troubles.
Always awake us to Your sacred presence and to Your divine compassionate love, 
may we see in all that happens the mystery of Your loving guidance. 
May the blessing of our God 
who created each one of us, 
and of the Son who loves us, 
and of the Holy Spirit who inspires and guides us, 
be upon us as we travel, 
keep us secure and take us home again safely and in peace.